Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Hits - Crunchy Beans, Can-Can & Cats

Food trends come and go. Sometimes they start out great but get overdone - balsamic vinegar. Sometimes they are poorly thought out - nouvelle cuisine (think overpriced tapas). Sometimes they end up wiping out an entire species - Orange Roughy & Chilean Sea Bass. And sometimes they don't make a lot of sense - crunchy beans. After reading that I was pretty convinced that it was just an error that either the waiter didn't want to fix or was afraid the chef would yell at him. Or at least I did until Saturday...

We had started out the evening at a beer bash thrown by some friends featuring a number of home made beers. I'm actually not a big fan of beer but they had bottled a raspberry wheat beer that was really quite tasty. Since Finn was in tow we had arrived at the very beginning of the party and as it started to fill up we said our goodbye's before it got too crazy. Feeling a bit peckish, and since it was close by, we made the quick hop over to Can-Can.

For quite some time we've been a fan of their scallop appetizer dishes. Almost always on their seasonally changing menu they change the dish often enough so we have yet to get tired of it. Their latest menu, however, was a bit different. Instead of being pan seared they were roasted. Hrmm. I find it relatively easy to pan sear something to the proper temp but I think I would find roasting a scallop without having it raw or a piece of rubber a bit of a challenge. Having faith in the chef there I ordered.

The scallop had been roasted 'au poivre', just enough pepper to add flavour and at the right grind so it wasn't crunchy or just dust. They were cooked perfectly and the difference in flavour and texture was a nice change from the ubiquitous sear everyone else does. The bacon, potato, and corn broth were tasty until I bit down on the English Peas. Firm would be polite. I know, English Peas are supposed to be firmer than Sweet Peas but these took effort to bite down on and were dry inside. Ugh. Firm and crunchy veg are good, firm and crunchy beans and peas - not so much. I enjoyed the rest of the dish so I didn't whine or even really ask and I would order it again.
It did make me wonder if we were witnessing a trend starting it's march through RVA. Not quite sure how I feel about it. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it was a cooking aberration or if we'll have crunchiness showing up all over town.

The rest of the meal was great. I really loved the roasted red snapper and the fact that they have carafes of good wine. With M in her present condition I don't always want a full bottle to myself and a 1/2 carafe is perfect. The service was great.

The full moon on Saturday (or there abouts) helped make for good cat catching. Managed to catch four cats, actually four kittens - two sets of siblings. Unfortunately one of the kittens was too young to be fixed but at least he got a good check up. The score, if you keeping count...

5 female/5 males - Trapped Fixed and Released
1 kitten - Too Young - Medically Checked & Released
1 male - Not Healthy or Injured - Euthanized
1 female - Didn't Learn Lesson & Trapped Again
1 female - Didn't Survive Procedure

Next month will be round #6!


pjpink said...

Ick! Crunchy peas. I really hope it is not a trend.

Koolz said...

Thanks for the kind comment on the beer......